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Why would you need a sleep coach to sleep well?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

After years of sleep app and sleep onset research and development, the Somnolence+ Initiative began to provide sleep consulting services, principally in terms of professional education and corporate health and wellness. However, before long, we found ourselves fielding coaching-related questions about sleep and even personally receiving requests for one-on-one coaching. At first, we provided coaching rather informally and as a favour to those who had requested it. However, we soon realised that sleep coaching for adults was something that we needed to provide as a true service for our clients. To us, it was a natural progression to develop the sleep coaching side of our business.

Sleep Education and Sleep Coaching

The way we see it, two main challenges exist for sleep wellness:

Challenge 1

Many people are unaware of how critical sleep is in terms of optimising health, wellness, and performance. They may simply not know about sleep's importance or may actually believe that they sleep well, even though this may not be the case. In fact, most people have never been told much about sleep and what they've been told is often misinformed or incomplete. Sometimes, their views on sleep are so distorted that they unwittingly harm their own health, wellness, and performance. In these situations, the key to sleep wellness is awareness education, which we provide through our workshops, lunch and learns, courses, and SnoozzzZfest.

Challenge 2

Some people, though, are well aware that sleep is critical and want to improve their sleep, BUT they do not know how to begin to move towards sleep wellness. Others have learned quite a bit about sleep wellness basics but actually need support in putting what they've learned, in terms of sleep hygiene into practice, especially on a consistent basis. Similar to people who seek healthy eating, physical fitness, or lifestyle coaching, people in need of personalised sleep wellness plans can be supported via sleep coaching.

Why Sleep Coaching?

Coaching is a means by which people can obtain the support and guidance they need to integrate good sleep into their lifestyles. As sleep coaches and educators, then, our mission is to help our clients envision what sleep wellness can be like; reinforce their desire for good sleep; correct misconceptions about and educate on sleep; and provide practical tips, tools, and resources for sleeping well. Sleep coaching helps clients in making wiser decisions that will positively influence energy levels, eating habits, movement, mental health, social relationships, cognitive performance, creativity, and productivity. Through good sleep, they will decrease their risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, and many other health issues. In fact, the list of benefits relating to good sleep is very long.

Five Reasons for Getting a Sleep Coach

We believe in coaching, and here are our top reasons for why people should have a sleep coach:

  1. They will receive guidance on determining what good sleep for them will be like.

  2. Their misconceptions about sleep, health, and wellness will be addressed in relation to their own particular situations.

  3. They will receive support in developing good sleep wellness goals.

  4. They will be held accountable for prioritising sleep wellness in their lives.

  5. They will obtain coaching that not only addresses sleep but takes into consideration and influences performance and lifestyle.

What Kind of Sleep Coaching?

Given that, there exist different kinds of sleep coaches, many with differing philosophies and target audiences. Know that our process and guidance is definitely grounded in science. It's in the Somnolence+ DNA, given our team's research, medical, and scientific backgrounds. However, we do not believe that science-based means "cold" and "inaccessible". Nope, not at all. In fact, you may sometimes even wonder how come we don't often use psycho-, scientific-, techno-, or x-whatever- babble. Quite simply, we speak plainly. However, if you want the "babble", we would most certainly oblige!

For us, focusing on personalisation is what counts. We take into consideration your particular sleep and energy cycles and patterns. Moreover, we take into consideration your lifestyle and performance goals when developing your program; circadian harmony in relation to sleep fitness are our goals for you.

Targeted Programs for Night Owls

Night owls are of a different breed; their needs are quite specific. However, we at the and Somnolence+ can definitely relate, since the majority of us, here, are night owls or have night owl tendencies.

We'll go over these programs (even one specifically for night owl entrepreneurs) in a future blog post!

Sleep Wellness Coaching for All

Yet, even if you're not a night owl, we can work with you. In fact, some of our coaching clients have not necessarily been night owls. Many of them have been professionals from a variety of fields, including business and education...even a world champion boxer (yes, we'll definitely be posting about that soon!), who simply wanted to sleep better and boost performance.

If you've wanted to obtain better sleep but need support in doing so, then you'll definitely want to sign up for your very own Sleep Fit Session.


Sleep Fit Session

To experience sleep coaching first hand, sign up for your Sleep Fit Session here:

Aligning your particular sleep pattern, lifestyle, and goals is critical to sleep wellness. Whether you're a night owl, a morning lark, an entrepreneur, professional, executive, or athlete, we're looking forward to meeting with you to support you in doing just that!


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