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Achieve Circadian Harmony™ for Good Sleep, Well-Being, and Performance

Are you a night owl? Are you wide awake at night? Are you tired of feeling guilty for not being able to sleep early enough to wake up feeling refreshed? Are you tired of being made to feel guilty for not having a morning routine? Have you tried sleeping pills and meditation apps to no avail? Did treatment help for only a little while? Are you now back to square one?

If yes, you've come to the right place. We, the Somnolence+ team, are sleep experts who are using our research, expertise, and personal experiences as "night owls" to coach our clients on how to sleep, live, and perform well, all the while being attentive to their being night owls. With us, you'll learn how to take advantage of your natural circadian rhythm for good sleep, energy, and well-being.

Join us in our coaching programs, below, to optimise your health, wellness and performance, achieving Circadian Harmony™.



Want to feel awake and energised?


Get personalised, one-on-one sleep coaching with our three-month program that provides you with the tailored support you need to develop sustainable sleep wellness. 


Apply to our coaching program.

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Sleep Well with the Sleep Fit Package,

which includes the following: 

- 60-minute Sleep Fit Session

- Sleep Needs Evaluation

- Sleep Needs Action Plan

- 60-minute follow-up session


*$500 CAD

Book your sessions:

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This program is aimed at high-powered individuals who need to achieve greater circadian alignment among their many personal, business, and social obligations (e.g., frequent travel, international teams, social jet lag, etc.).


To learn more, email us at

"I found the online sleep course very useful. I personally being a night owl found it very difficult to adjust to my 8-5 work schedule. I learnt some useful tips and tools from the course that enabled me to optimize my sleep habits and environment  in order to get more sleep as well as more quality sleep."

Olivia, Montreal, Canada

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