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Want to learn about sleep?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

If you're a health, wellness, or fitness professional who is reading this blog, then I know that you've thought about sleep! However, it might surprise you -- er, actually, maybe not -- that many others in your respective fields don't often think about it.

The thing is that sleep is critical to good health, well-being, and performance... and poor sleep leads to significant costs to businesses, to governments, and, most importantly, to individuals.

As I have said before, sleep seems to be where physical exercise and nutrition were several decades ago, in terms of public awareness.

What can be done about this issue?

Although not the only thing that must be done, educating those to whom the public already turns for health, wellness, and fitness support is critical.

Health, wellness, and fitness professionals are in a position to promote positive lifestyle changes that support good sleep. They are also in a position to observe warning signs relating to sleep deprivation and even sleep disorders. A nutritionist who is aware of the relationship between sleep and appetite, for instance, would know to ask about a person's sleep habits.

If you are looking for insight on how to support your clients and patients in achieving their health, wellness, or fitness goals, then take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about sleep.

"Where," you ask? Well, wherever you happen to be on Oct. .23 - 24!

You see, we're bringing this training directly to you, online, with SnoozzZfest, our All About Sleep, International Virtual Conference.

Want to learn about movement, exercise, and sleep? Come to SnoozzZfest.

Want to learn about food and sleep? Come to SnoozzZfest.

Want to learn about emotions and sleep? Come to SnoozzZfest.

Want to learn about how to integrate sleep wellness into your practice? Come to SnoozzZfest.

Basically, come to SnoozzZfest!

We'll be bringing, directly to your home, relevant, insightful, and engaging professional development on improving your clients' or patients' health and wellness outcomes through sleep!

Register now because we're limiting the number of spaces available to ensure quality interaction, learning, and networking!

Click here to learn more:



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