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Sleep Hygiene Basics: 3 Tips for Better Sleep

Updated: May 7, 2019

To continue on the topic of sleep hygiene, here are three tips for you!

1) Establish a regular sleep schedule

While we may all want to stay up an extra hour or two to watch our favourite show on Netflix, we aren't doing our sleep (and ourselves) any favours. Essentially, we are setting ourselves up for sleep deprivation in addition to disrupting our biological clock. The secret to sleep wellness as is the case with health and wellness, more generally, is consistency!

2) Establish a bedtime ritual

In keeping with the theme of consistency, make sure to establish a sleep ritual and make it one that promotes better sleep. It may include turning off your mobile, laptop, tablet, or television, all of which emit the blue light that delays your biological clock. As a result, you feel sleepy later in the evening than you normally would. Instead, try listening to music or a podcast.

Consider creating your own bedtime spa routine. Dim the lights or light candles. Run a warm and relaxing bath. Listen to nature sounds or spa music while diffusing lavender essential oil, and treat yourself to a warm cup of chamomile tea.

3) Reserve your bedroom for sleeping

When you work or watch television in your bedroom, you learn to associate it with these activities. Consequently, your bedroom becomes a less restful place. Further, you are bringing blue light into your sleep area.

However, what happens if you are limited on space? In that case, use a divider to designate a corner for work and another area for sleep.

Sometimes, these lifestyle changes are exactly what you need to sleep well. Try these three sleep hygiene basics and tell us what you think. We would love to hear from you!



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