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Sleep Coaching Testimonial:

Oscar"KaBoom" Rivas, World Bridgerweight Boxing Champion says, "Merci"

Last year, our team, specifically Dr. Mayra Carlos Lazo, coached professional boxer Oscar "Kaboom" Rivas on how to optimise his sleep to improve athletic performance.


Basically, when you're an athlete, you need an edge... and one edge that is often neglected amongst athletes is sleep. However, when you sleep well, the performance boost that you receive is not only experienced in terms of energy but in terms of mental agility and stability.

We'll be sharing more about athletics and sleep in future blog posts, that's for sure!

Today, though, we'll let Oscar Rivas, Colombian Olympian and 2021 WBC Bridgerweight World Champion, do the talking. We are proud to have been part of his team and to sponsor him on the road to becoming a world boxing champion.

By the way, Oscar speaks Spanish and French, and he was coached in his native Spanish. We do have a translation for you (scroll down). Gracias, Oscar!

Oscar "Kaboom" Rivas, 2021 WBC Bridgerweight:

I want to say special thanks to my Sponsors ...Thank you for teaching me how to optimize my potential through sleep! Somnolence+ and their team of sleep experts instructed me on how to sleep to be at my best in my quest to become a world champion. The change in my dream and my performance was incredible. I recommend that anyone looking to achieve peak performance look at their own sleep wellness and look no further than Somnolence + for sleep training! I tell you this was a revelation and it changed my life.
Merci à Somnolence+ de m'avoir appris à optimiser mon potentiel grâce au sommeil ! Somnolence + et son équipe d'experts du sommeil m'ont appris comment dormir pour être à mon meilleur dans ma quête pour devenir champion du monde. Le changement dans mon rêve et ma performance était incroyable. Je recommande à tous ceux qui cherchent à atteindre des performances optimales de se pencher sur leur propre bien-être pendant le sommeil et de ne pas chercher plus loin que Somnolence + pour l'entraînement au sommeil ! Je vous dis que cela a été une révélation et cela a changé ma vie.
Gracias a mi patrocinadores y al equipo Somnolence+ por enseñarme cómo optimizar mi potencial a través del sueño! Somnolence + y su equipo de expertos en sueño me enseñaron cómo dormir para estar en mi mejor momento en mi búsqueda para convertirme en campeón mundial. El cambio en mi sueño y mi actuación fue asombroso. Recomiendo a cualquier persona que busque lograr el máximo rendimiento que investigue su propio bienestar durante el sueño y no busque más allá de Somnolence + para entrenar el sueño. Les digo que fue una revelación y cambió mi vida.


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