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Mattress tips for back pain

Today, we talk about mattresses and back pain.... and this post will be short and sweet!

A recent systematic review of 39 studies, conducted between 2000 and 2019, found that medium-firm mattresses were associated with more benefits for those with lower back pain (Caggiari et al., 2021). European standards for mattress firmness were used.

Citing Kräuchi et al. (2018), the authors also noted that high-heat-capacity (high-thermal-capacity) mattresses reduced core body temperature, the skin temperature on one's back, and mattress surface temperature. Moreover, sleep quality, specifically in terms of slow wave sleep and sleep continuity, was found to be better than for those who slept on low-heat-capacity (low-thermal-capacity) mattresses.

What might this mean for the person who is buying a mattress?

Quite simply, if a person has non-specific lower back pain, then that person may want to consider buying a medium-firm mattress over softer or firmer ones, since it may be better at helping to alleviate back pain. In addition, those mattresses that have the capacity to cool the body gently may provide for a deeper, longer, and more continuous sleep.

Consider this information when buying your mattress!


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