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Bedtime Basics: Sleep Hygiene

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It wasn't long ago that I developed a professional development workshop for health and counselling as well as for student support professionals at a major university in Canada. As our team was preparing the material for the presentation, my co-presenter stated that perhaps we should explain the very basics about sleep hygiene, including its definition. I was somewhat surprised because I had thought that most people were already well-acquainted with the term. It seems, however, that I could be wrong.

If you are not familiar with sleep hygiene, you are not alone. So let's start at the beginning.

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is simply a set of practices that facilitates sleep. As these practices become part of your lifestyle, they become habits that maintain healthy sleeping patterns. So, do what it takes to build pro-sleep habits into your lifestyle. How long will that take? It takes at least 30 days to develop a new habit, they say.... but, actually, it really does take as long as is required by you. The key to habit formation is consistency and envisioning how great you'll feel when you are able to sleep well. So, get started and work on it!

See 3 Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene for the fundamentals of sleeping well.



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