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Sleep Apnea Exercises

We were reminded of exercises for sleep apnea after a chance encounter with someone at a neighbourhood cafe. It turns out that he had a mild case of sleep apnea, so a promise was made to send him information on exercises to strengthen the muscles around his throat. These muscles collapse when asleep, causing lapses in breathing and obstructive sleep apnea.

However, as that email was about to be sent, we realised that more people should know about these exercises as well. Consequently, we decided that this topic would be our next blog post.

Now, if you find yourself reading this blog entry, then it's likely that you have or suspect that you have sleep apnea. If so, then it is quite possible that you are using a CPAP machine. On the other hand, perhaps your case is mild, so you weren't prescribed the use of one. In either case, try the exercises in the following video, by Vik Veer, ENT Surgeon, on his YouTube channel. Sometimes, it's great to share high-quality content that already exists, and we especially like this one.

Check it out!



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