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Earth Day Sleep Hacks

Today's blog is short and sweet.

Given that is is Earth Day, here are three Earth Day sleep hacks for you:

1. Turn off those lights. Not only will you be saving energy, but you'll also be staying more true to the natural lighting conditions of the day. This means that the production of melatonin, signalling that it is time to set sleep processes in motion, is not delayed.

2. Lower your bedroom temperature. Did you know that a cooler bedroom temperature promotes sleep? Lower your thermostat to around 15 -19 degrees Celsius (even room temperature is okay for some). In fact, how about lowering the temperature in your entire home? This is good for the environment and good for your sleep.

3. Invest in an environmentally friendly mattress. Limit off-gassing associated with synthetic foams. Ensure that your mattresses and bedding are made with quality natural materials, not laden with pesticides and chemicals. A great mattress can sometimes be exactly what you need to obtain good sleep while also helping to contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

Think about ways that you can contribute to a more sustainable environment in your everyday life. Sustainable sleep wellness and sustainable lifestyles may involve initial investment and effort, but we believe that it's worth the rewards.



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