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2023 Resolution: Sleeping Better

Have you begun thinking about your new year's resolutions?

Here's one for you: pay attention to your sleep.

With all of the things that you want to accomplish, consider that sleep has been found to be critical to overall health, wellness, and performance. It's related to how well and how much you eat. It's related to having the energy level that you need to work out. It's related to being able to regulate your moods and mental health. If you're looking to eat better and work out more, make sure to include sleep as part of your health and wellness routine.

Along these lines, we are working with our long-time collaborator, Laura Brigance, MSc, CHC, of TRUEWell Health + Wellness, to make sure that you sleep well, eat well, and live well. Check out Laura's latest blog post on when you may need to speak with a sleep specialist about a sleep disorder.

In addition, keep your eyes peeled for new projects that we are working on for you. In the meantime, download our Eat for Good Sleep Guide.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!



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