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12 Weeks to Better Sleep

People have asked: how can I sleep better?

Now, although we do have several programs and events, designed to support sleep wellness, ranging from stand-alone Sleep Fit Sessions to one-on-one coaching programs, we know that some people want affordable DIY courses. As a result, we've developed just that...a 12-week, DIY course that is a guided how-to for obtaining better sleep and one that won't break the bank.

However, rather than limiting people to a purely asynchronous (occurring at different times and places) version of the program, we believed it important to provide people with a virtual one-on-one Sleep Fit Session as well. During this session, we'll be providing our participants with feedback and insights on the sleep plans that they will be developing for themselves. Pretty cool, we think!

You see, over the years, we've actually amassed quite a library of videos from the live webinars, workshops, and programs that we've conducted. With the process that we've mapped out to guide you to better sleep, we've curated videos from our collection to support you on your sleep wellness journey.

Now, regardless of whether or not someone joins our courses or programs, here are some key things that anybody embarking on a sleep wellness journey should know:

  • You'll need to set goals:

a) Set goals that are actionable, measurable, within reach (but that you'll need to stretch to achieve), and - of course - ones that have a direct impact on your sleep wellness. These are performance goals.

b) Set goals that are geared towards mastery, thereby providing the performance goals that you've created with an overall mastery framework, where lifestyle, learning, and improvement are central (mastery goals).

These mastery goals are incredibly important because they tend to contribute to long-term sustainable gains and to the mindset needed when you do fall short in terms of performance goals. Sleep wellness is about lifestyle, after all. Wouldn't you say?

  • You'll need to know about sleep so that you can select appropriate goals as well as evaluate your progress.

  • You'll need to know what you are currently doing that is not aligned with sleeping well. Once you know this, you can create a plan to bring your sleep into closer alignment with the kind of sleep that you would like to obtain.

  • You'll need to learn about sleep wellness strategies and tools as well as learn how to use these appropriately.

  • You'll need some form of accountability - a community, coach, or accountability partner.

Remember, too, that on your sleep wellness journey you'll have resources (including this blog, podcast episodes, and other forms of programs) available to you, right here, for support.

Check out and learn more about our DIY Get Ready for Good Sleep! course here:



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